The whole professors of Boramae Medical Center are composed of the professors of Seoul national University Hospital, and they instruct in Seoul national University College of Medicine(graduate school) and Boramae Medical Center.
Boramae Medical Center supports the clinic training education, and executes various education for the staff and citizens.

Citizen health class / Visiting health lecture

Boramae Medical Center holds the citizen health class to promote citizens' health. The citizen health class is held in the 6th floor of a new building every two weeks through the year, The professors of each department give lectures of various subjects to general citizens, patients and protectors Anyone can take part in it, especially, question-and-answer sessions become popular.

Besides, this class opens visiting health lectures with the cooperation of nearby relevant institutes. The visiting health lecture holds various programs including diabetes health class, hypertension class, woman's health class, etc. And It is expected to extend increasingly to the whole city.

Education for the indoor staff

Boramae Medical Center offer various same education as follows to the staff to provide better medical services.

  1. The kindness education to settle patient-centric culture.
  2. The hospital culture education and the leader education based on new visions and core value.
  3. Indoor and outdoor job education
  4. Cyber education and reading communication education for personal ability development.