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Boramae Hospital was initially established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government under the name of “the municipal Yeongduengpo hospital” for the purpose of health and medical and medical relief work of citizens on June 18th, 1955. Then, in 1987 the Seoul Metropolitan Government made an agreement on trust and consignment with Seoul National University Hospital to provide a higher quality of medical treatment and Seoul National University Hospital was entrusted with its operation.


Current Boramae hospital was set out after building and relocating to the present location in the Borame park and the official name was retitled as “Seoul Metropolitan Government - Seoul National University Borame Medical Center” in 1991.

Current status of hospital facilities consists of “the hope building” with two basement floors and eight floors above ground, “the love building” with two basement floors and five floors above ground and “the truth building” with six floors above ground on land area of 7000㎡ ground. “The happiness building” with a basement floor and eleven floors above ground behind “the hope building” is recently opened to meet growing demands of medical treatment every day on June 18th, 2008. “The hope building” and “the love building” were entirely remodeled and modernized in 2010 and 2011, respectively. There are an outpatient clinic, patient’s rooms and a medical service support division in “the hope building” and “the happiness building”, an outpatient clinic, a national health screening center in “the love building” and professor’s offices, a central laboratory, a comprenensive nursing care ward, an administration department and an auditorium in “the truth building”.

The personnel running the medical center amounts to 1,112 persons in all composed of 249 doctors including medical faculty of Seoul National University Hospital, 391 nurses, excellent medical teams linked with Seoul National University Hospital, medical support persons, office clerks and tech workers and other human resources.(standard of personnel status on March 31st, 2010 )

medical social security performance of public healthcare centric function
patient with no one to rely on
low income citizen
the aged / disable person

Civil and medical welfare enhancement
public health activities and other health service promotion


Based on these workforces composition, the hospital has equipped with state of the art devices such as the Da Vinci robotic surgical equipment in the university hospital class, the Pascal Laser, PET-CT, the advanced automatic system, etc., and is offering a high level of medical services intimately connected with Seoul National University Hospital to the citizens.

Boramae hospital heartily promises to reborn as a client-centered hospital to more closely get to the citizens as a warm, friendly and trustworthy image and to become a true citizen’s hospital where you want to seek medical advice.