Notes for Medical Checkups
  • Avoid drinking and overexertion two or three days before the examination.
  • Have a light meal before 7:00 pm and do not eat or drink after 9:00pm the day before your checkup.
  • Collect the stool in a walnut size in to the specimen container (fill up at least 1/3 of the container).
Notes for Medical Checkups
  • Please do not consume anything including breakfast, water, and medication as well as avoiding chewing gum or smoking cigarettes.
  • If you take antihypertensive drugs or anticonvulsants, take these medicines with a minimal amount of water on the morning of the test day.
  • If you take diabetes medicine or get insulin shots, please stop taking the medicine/injection.
  • It is recommended for women to schedule a test 2-3 days after menstruation.
    Avoid scheduling your Pap smear while you have your period. It can be done on the day when you come back for your test results.
  • On the day of the medical checkup, you will receive a urine test. You will collect your urine in our testing center.
  • Medical checkup reservation is 8:00 am.
  • Please fill out the health questionnaire and the examination request form and bring them with you.

Other Information

  • Please notify us in advance if you would like to change your appointment.
  • Please do not bring valuable items, small children or guardian to this appointment.
  • You may wear your glasses.
  • You can pay by cash or credit card on the day of your checkup.
  • You are not able to drive after sleep endoscopy. A guardian must accompany the patient.
  • Parking is free.