• 1Making the admission decision (doctor in charge)
  • 2Procedures for hospitalization (administration)
  • 3hospitalization (Ward)

  • Making the admission decision (doctor in charge)

    A physician orders hospitalization when necessary after a consultation.

  • Procedures for hospitalization (administration)
    1. Please complete the Life guidance and Hospital Admission Agreement forms and submit them to the admission desk on 2nd floor of the Hope Center in Building #1. The Life Guidance form for inpatients can be obtained in the nurse’s office in the outpatient center and the hospital admission agreement can be obtained in admissions office.
    2. After 6 p.m. on weekdays and 1 p.m. on Saturdays, admission to the hospital can be requested at the emergency room casher.
    3. If no bed is available, an admissions reservation will be made for the following day.
  • hospitalization (Ward)

    After admission to a ward, all admission information must be submitted to a ward nurse.

    Documents required for admission

    • Medical insurance card and medical assistance card
    • Admission agreement (By caretaker/companion: 1 person, employee or head of family) → available in the Admission & Discharge office
    • Identification card

    Information for caretaker/companion

    1. Only one caretaker/companion may stay with the patient.
    2. Information about intermediate fees will be sent by text message. Please pay fees immediately.
    3. If no text messages are received, please contact the Admission & Discharge office on the 2nd floor. Caretakers for ICU patients may use the provided waiting room.
    4. In case of further questions, please contact the nurses’ desk.