What is outpatient surgery?

Outpatient surgery is surgery that does not require an overnight hospital stay. Pre-operative treatment, surgery, and postoperative recovery all take place on the same day. Outpatient surgery is simple and allows patients to return home on the same day as the procedure if there are no complications during surgery and recovery.
Surgical advances have allowed outpatient surgery to be commonly practiced in advanced countries like the USA. It also helps keep hospital costs down avoids wasting patient time with unnecessary hospitalization.

Examples) Cataract surgery tooth extraction cosmetic surgery etc.

Advantages of outpatient surgery

Advantages of outpatient surgery
Patient satisfaction
Saving time
Reduced waiting times
Reducing medical fees
Reduced hospitalization-induced psychological stress
Fewer hospital-acquired infections
Consult with your physician, if you are interested in scheduling outpatient surgery.


  • 01Visit on your confirmed appointment day
  • 02Preoperative preparation
  • 03Surgery
  • 04Recovery
  • 05Discharge

Participating departments

Urology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Plastic surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Internal surgery, ENT, Orthopedics, Oral surgery, and Thoracic Surgery